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Auto parts industry contrarian expansion preemptive
News Source: Suntory Xin   2012-11-3 09:52:38
The sales decline in the national automobile industry, market backdrop, Wu County's many auto parts manufacturers are constantly on new projects, the introduction of a large number of new equipment, what is the reason they dare to sailing against the wind? Contrarian expansion behind reveal what kind of information?

Today, the Wu County Hai Neite Auto Parts Co., the second batch of production equipment delivered to the factory, to start the installation and commissioning. The batch equipment worth more than 10 million, mainly for automotive plastic parts, interior parts, die casting production. Equipment have been put into production, is expected to increase the output value of more than 100 million yuan. Wu City Hai Neite, Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board of Directors for the chapter with the entry of this equipment, our products made ​​rate reached 90%, which will enable our single product cost reduction of about 20%, with the decline in our cost, throughout the competitiveness of our products in a leading level in the same industry, so we will be able to further open up the market, further to the host customers good service.

This year, the entire automotive industry price war in China is increasingly fierce, many automobile manufacturers have cut prices to sell, in the face of shrinking sales market, which also makes auto parts production enterprises more competitive, more difficult for small businesses to survive. But in Wu County, the auto parts industry is still in full swing of development. Mainly to the production of auto lamps, mirrors and cast aluminum parts Wu City Hai Neite, Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., in 2011 the output value of 35 million yuan, to achieve output of 28 million yuan in the first half of 2012 only. Although the decline of the market to make them feel unprecedented pressure, influenced by the prices, profit margins into step atrophy. But they are in an overall environment is not very optimistic about the case, surprisingly chose to increase investment to expand. Ningbo WELIS Hi-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd., Sales Manager the Zhang Baoge Special auto parts market downturn, as the auto parts production base in Shandong Province Wu County to purchase large quantities of equipment, this time the order is our company in the the Jiangbei market car accessories one of the largest orders. Wucheng Auto Parts Co., chairman of the board of directors for the chapter we chose into so many devices, based on such considerations, First rate of self-improvement of our product to enhance the profitability of individual products, to better respond to the need for competition , the second is in the case of contrarian, we constantly develop new products with OEMs joint design, development of new OEMs (customer base), we dare to introduce in the market downturn device is based on our real development needs, our marketing needs.

 Hai Neite rely on purchases of high-tech advanced equipment, enhance their competitiveness. With Linglong Group to join in Wu County, there have been more than 10 tire-related domestic well-known enterprises to discuss cooperation, at present, investment of 10 billion steel cord, carbon black production projects invested 800 million yuan entered into a collaboration. Then, Wu County of motor vehicles and parts industry will be established upstream carbon black production base, to the development of the downstream automotive rubber products, auto parts, radial tire production center, set of steel cord for tire mold, wheels , brake pads, brake discs is one of the up and down association being formed a relatively complete industrial chain. Mercury and other auto parts manufacturers are also actively developing new products, the product structure more reasonable, substantial increase in the overall competitiveness of the market, the power savings for the development of the industry in the county to seize the opportunities. Up to now, the the Wu County auto parts industry has increased investment of nearly 10 billion yuan


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