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The phosphating quality control and detection methods
News Source: Suntory Xin   2013-3-21 10:03:26
The phosphating workpiece, according to their purpose, their quality indicators of the examination. The main quality control indicators, including the appearance of phosphate coating, phosphate coating thickness or coating weight, corrosion resistance of phosphate coating or post-processing after the three common indicators. Sometimes detected by phosphide use: the phosphating film supporting, phosphate coating hardness, friction coefficient, anti-scratch resistance, and other indicators. About the phosphide three common indicators, with reference to the following standards and methods.
Phosphate coating Appearance: visual method, standard GB 11376-89 metal phosphate conversion coating and GB 6807-86 "iron and steel parts painted before the phosphating processing technology conditions.
Phosphate coating thickness or coating weight: film thickness measurement using GB 6462 metal oxide coating thickness - measuring microscope Act, may also have thickness, GB 4956 "magnetic metal substrates on the non-magnetic coating thickness measurement of magneticmethod "GB 4957" non-magnetic metal matrix on the non-conductive coating measurement of the eddy current method. "The film re-measured by the gravimetric method, in accordance with GB 6807 steel parts before painting phosphating treatment or GB 9792 "Conversion coatings on metallic materials per unit area of coating mass determination.
Corrosion resistance: detection of phosphate coating corrosion resistance of copper sulfate can be used drip method, sodium chloride brine immersion method and salt spray test method. Drip method and salt water immersion method in accordance with GB 6807-86 "steel parts before painting phosphating treatment, treatment such as phosphate coating after oiling, waxing, painting, general salt spray test test. Salt spray test according to GB 1771-79 "Determination of the resistance to salt spray or GB 6458 Metallic coatings neutral salt spray test.


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