Wuxi Delixin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
Main products: the design and manufacture of a variety of surface treatment equipment, including various forms of phosphate equipment, paint coating (painting, dusting), adhesive coating equipment, electroplating and other styling equipment and non-standard equipment programdesign, equipment manufacturing, process validation, installation and commissioning, and maintenance services.
竞博jbo官网登录-竞博电竞app下载-竞博电竞 located in the machinery and equipment manufacturing base in China, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, with supporting mature peripheral equipment manufacturing experience geographical advantages and convenient water, land and air traffic between the. Wuxi Xin-profit Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a group of very experienced in the surface treatment equipment industry ... ...

The main application areas: all kinds of metal products, rust, phosphating, passivation, oxidation processing requirements; phosphating of metal rubber adhesive products, adhesive coating processing requirements; various metal productsthe surface of the post-processing, such as paint spraying, powder processing requirements, as well as environmental protection equipment supporting... ...

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