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    Metal surface treatment Industrial seminar
    Metal surface treatment Industrial seminar
    News Source: | Release Time:2021-02-23
    Mianyang City, the metal surface treatment industry concentration area building workshops held in Santai County. Municipal Economic Commission, executive deputy director of, Wong Tin Lai, deputy secretary of the county, county Zhao Biao attended the meeting. Hecheng Ping, deputy secretary of the county committee, presided over the meeting. At the meeting, Zhao Biao introduced the current the Santai County industrial development, industrial layout, policy environment and other aspects of the situation. Zhao Biao, said three of the industrial development ideas and measures, in line with the direction of the planning and development of the city's industrial development.

    Currently, in accordance with the requirements of the "industrial park, the park features" four pillar industries of textile and silk, food processing, machinery manufacturing, and energy and chemical. Better the existing basis, with good mechanical manufacturing base, planning conditions, traffic regional advantages, and other factors of production is fully in line with the marketplace, fully equipped to undertake the conditions of the city's central area of the metal surface treatment industry.

    Zhao Biao, said the county, the county government will further strengthen the work force, pay close attention to the preparatory work of the planning and undertake industrial concentration area, accelerate infrastructure construction, take the initiative to study the policies and measures to attract enterprises to enter, optimization services, to build strong support platform, to be preferential policies, the greatest efforts to provide safeguards under the guidance of the Municipal Economic Commission, actively cooperate with the coordination, do its utmost to ensure that the project settled in three. Wong Tin Lai fully affirmed the preliminary work of Santai County. Wong Tin Lai said that three basic conditions have to undertake industrial concentration area of the city's metal surface treatment, three should undertake the work as a major project to be treated, focusing on the formation of a strong propulsion team, refine the program, make full fully prepared to fight. Municipal Economic Commission, will be full support to accelerate, to ensure that the City metal surface treatment industrial concentration area floor construction as soon as possible.

    It is understood that, Mianyang City has a plating processing, coating processing anodizing, surface rust treatment capacity of 24 enterprises, the annual output value of 400 million yuan. In order to further grow and develop, to be planning to invest in the construction of Mianyang City, the metal surface treatment industry concentration area, Industrial area into annual output will reach 50-60 billion

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